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About Class Act

One of the most important elements in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. I am Ruth Tyndall, owner of Class Act Grooming, and I have been helping keep our community's canines happy, healthy and beautiful since 2001.  Another key element is the relationship established between the groomer and the dog. I am devoted to insuring your dog's total grooming experience is a good one.  I've always had dogs in my life - my daughter took her first steps holding herself up on our beloved Shar Pei "Sun Tea".  I enjoy a special understanding and connection with dogs.

My hours of operation are by appointment only. I usually schedule appointments Tuesday through Saturday, leaving Sunday and Monday for my weekend break. I prefer to groom a number of dogs in an assembly line process. I believe this is much easier on the dogs. The dogs enjoy breaks in between grooming processes. It's hard for a dog (especially elderly dogs and puppies) to stand and be groomed for the entire time required to do a full service grooming. During breaks dogs can enjoy themselves outside in the dog run, "go potty", have a drink of water or simply relax in a crate.

Drop-off / Pick-up Policy
On time drop-off is very important due to tight scheduling, especially in the afternoon. Drop-off 45 minutes or more after your appointment time results in a cancellation fee and the appointment will need to be rescheduled.  When the last dog is done and ready for pick-up, the doors are closed and business is done for the day.  Dogs need to be picked up at agreed upon times; if you anticipate a delay please call to make arrangements for a change to the time.  If you pick up your dog after the last dog of the day, you will be charged a day care fee.

Late Fee / Cancellation Fee

Late Pick-up Fee, Day Care Fee: $20 per hour
Cancellation Fee: 50% of the scheduled grooming charge  (Example: a grooming charge of $60 would have a cancellation fee of $30.) 
Note: 24-hour notice is required to avoid the cancellation fee for a scheduled appointment.

Payment Terms
Cash or check only, no credit/debit cards
Payment due at time of service
At Class Act Grooming, if your dog likes to socialize with other dogs and you desire it, I'll let your dog play before and after the grooming session.
Note: Pets who prefer not to play are placed in their own carrier or one of our kennels in the grooming room where they can feel safe, but not alone.

Client Comments

See what people are saying on Yahoo reviews:

stacymalia gave Class Act 5 stars
My Pekingese Burrito looks amazing when I pick her up from Class Act Grooming! I completely trust Ruth and company, my dog loves the attention she gets from them! I especially liked the report card Burrito got on the first visit. As a dog owner, it is really important to know how your dog acts and feels when you are not around. Ruth took the time to explain everything that happend during Burrito's visit, and would've taken the time to answer any question I may have had. She is thorough in all aspects of the business. The very best part? Why, the seasonal doggie scarf of course!! Not sure what I'm talking about? Take your dog in to find out...you wont regret it!!!

david gave Class Act 5 stars
Ruth has been grooming our Maltese, Jesse, for years and I wouldn't take him anywhere else!

Albert gave Class Act 5 stars
she is the best!: ruth is a wonderful groomer. very caring and does an excellent job. Mardi

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